How Simple Armonia Boutique started

Posted by Cristina Pasillas on

Hey doll, my name is Cristina born and raised in Colorado but a proud daughter of parents from Zacatecas.


Simple Armonia began as a business idea for a different market in Mexico but had to be cancelled due to the violence in our beautiful county.


While trying to decide whether to postpone or cancel this business idea, I came across a few local online clothing boutiques owned by women. All of the pieces on their page are beautiful but unfortunately the largest size they carry are L sometimes XL.


All of my curvy women know the struggle of coming across this, so I began doing some research and after hours upon hours of searching for true to size clothing and clothes I personally would actually wear, I finally decided to go for it and make it public. I was starting a plus size online boutique!


It hasn’t been easy but nothing worth it comes without a price.

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